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Have complete set of irons and woods and hybrids and wedges...100% satisfied... Add comment

Try the clubs no risk and get a $500 set of wedges free? RIGHT!:) The wedges are not worth 500 more like 100 and the 1200 set of irons you get at wholesale for trailing and reporting on them are not even worth the wholesale price. If they want real user research do it cleanly without having to give them your credit card number. I trialed a club one time, gave them feedback and got to keep the club free. I ,liked it so much I brought a full set at market prices. THATS how you do it. Warrior uses 1950s scamsmanship t Read more

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This is the 3rd season for my clubs. I have grown to love my woods... However, I am disappointed with my irons. They appear to be getting rusty!!!! I am so careful with my clubs, they are wiped and dried after every round. I don't keep them in my car until the next round! The spend the window indoors so they don't get cold!!!! I am so embarrassed when I get my clubs out, they look terrible. Why are they like that. I will not recommend them anymore to my friends. To think that I spent that much on a set of clubs and they look like like I have... Read more

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Biggest SCAM ever, I called based on a promotional email for Hybrid, Wedge, the sales guy added a putter, stating all the time that they were trying to help my game, the catch was the testing clubs, which I agreed to receive them, I thought it was a good deal to receive 7 clubs, be able to test 4, return them and keep the other 3 at the S&H of 39.95. The sales guy promised to have the clubs delivered in 3 days...GREAT DEAL AHH? Then after reading the reviews here, it was a big RED FLAG!! call them to clarify and follow up on my order, they... Read more

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Seen promotion for free club just 23.59 shipping and customizing call and they took card information then wanted me to take clubs and try if I like 133.00 told them I wasnt interested could tell salesman didnt like it said Id be billed then for just 23.50 for clud I caed about never did process it and have heard nothing. Seems just like a scam to me very disappointed in Warrior golf now. When I need new clubs Ill make sure to keep this little betrayal in mind Read more

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my daughters got this club for me about a year and a half ago but due to a back injury I was unable to play, however I did play today and I was able to hit this club straighter and further than any club in my bag. Thank you Warrior but mostly THANK YOU to my daughters...I love you all. We played a course that I had never played before and after the front nine my game came to life (after not playing for over a year)so we went off at the 18th and after we decided to drive some balls into the water (nobody was behind us) and it was AWESOME. Read more

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I wanted a three wood, and they wanted me to try a putter and some wedges. They tried to get me to buy a driver and five wood while I was placing my order and tried to make me think that it was a free demo, I could try the clubs and if I kept them, they would charge my credit card. They tried to charge my card for almost $500 before they even told me I had to pay for them up front. I did not like the three wood and when I called to get an RA to send it back, the customer service guy was rude and hung up on me. I emailed the company and... Read more

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So went online and got a 60 degree wedge at a shipping cost of $29.00 and it hits GREAT! Super sweet spot, very versatile. Wether it's 100 yards or 15 it's a great wedge. Also looking forward to getting a bundle deal for them. 3 platinum wedges 52,56,60 with 4 dozens of their balls and a blade putter $150. I'm a golfer with a budget that likes to get the most for my money. Sale pitches don't hurt my feelings and I always read the fine print even if I have to put on my readers! Read more

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I received the 2-wood and compared it to my PING 3-wood with these comments. They played pretty much the same for distance, but the PING was consistently the same straight shot, the Warrior had issues with fading. Club head seemed to lag. I hated the grip on the 4-iron I received, truly a waste, didn't allow me to grip the club with comfort, this came free for trying, should remain a give away (change the grip and it's ok). I got their new putter, it was great for my grandson, didn't compare with my Cameron! Read more

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Played 9 holes and was told I would get a rain check because I started at 4:30. Paid $29. When I finish the round new employee named Bo said that's not how they do things sorry bud! It's a winner, extravagant rates, and poor service, this is three times that I've been told something different and I live near this courae Add comment

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