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I received the 2-wood and compared it to my PING 3-wood with these comments. They played pretty much the same for distance, but the PING was consistently the same straight shot, the Warrior had issues with fading. Club head seemed to lag. I hated the grip on the 4-iron I received, truly a waste, didn't allow me to grip the club with comfort, this came free for trying, should remain a give away... Read more

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Played 9 holes and was told I would get a rain check because I started at 4:30. Paid $29. When I finish the round new employee named Bo said that's not how they do things sorry bud! It's a winner, extravagant rates, and poor service, this is three times that I've been told something different and I live near this courae Add comment

15 years ago the customer service group was very customer focused. These days its all business and no care for long term customers. Reps are very curt and focused on immediate sales. Today's rep did not listen to my v-mal only that there was a call to them from my number. From there it was all business for their driver offer requiring testing clubs. No consideration on previous testing that... Read more

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Warrior golf is a complete fraud. For years and years they have been saying thay want golfers feedback dso they can send there clubs out to the market place and sell them in sporting goods and other retailers. Come on Warrior how *** do you think the public is. Your equipment sucks yet you prey on people who do not know better. If you are goi g to retail you clubs then do it and stop the scam. Add comment

I did not read the fine print regarding return policy. I kept the clubs for an extra 18 days and the company would not return the clubs. They wanted me to buy more clubs at what they said was at a reduced price. I explained to the customer service manager that I was unable to properly test the clubs sine our club was closed for three weeks because our club was closed for over seeding. I... Read more

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I fell into the pitch about the clubs three years ago and found that the clubs are easier to hit than my Callaway set. The hybrids are very good for the price and the incentives do make it fair. I gave my son the original set and just purchased the full set of irons and 4/5 hybrid, driver and got the putter for free. I got the grab bag as well with the bling. If you omit the pitches and stand... Read more

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This Company is a joke. You know if a company is willing to just give you free stuff like this and run endless amounts of deals that seem to be too good to be true. That's exactly what it is...TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. First off, the product is horrible. Secondly, I bought in just to get the free bag for my back up clubs and thought if the clubs were as good as they say then maybe I will keep the 3... Read more

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I have had several equipment purchases from Warrior golf over the past 4 years. Each time, the promotion was to get clubs and other gear to try out. The promotions were straight forward and true to what they advertised. READ the promotion! I received free balls and a hat and other swag as well. The golf bag deal was a steal. I feel cheap for getting this bag for, well let's just say, under... Read more

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I was invited to a golf Tournment when I bought in For 350.00 when I tried to call the sales rep they said the number no longer takes calls what's up!!!??? Add comment

I received an email from golf logix for warrior golf's sales pitch of $350 worth of stuff "absolutely free". It also mentioned being able to get a putter "absolutely free" as well, which I needed a new putter, so I called them up and asked. The sales associate asked which promotion I was referring to, making me think that they are running multiple scams at the same time. Anyway, the sales... Read more

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